Frames are available for the servos listed below. This is a partial list and I'll add to it as time permits. Any 'rebranded' servos will naturally be able to use the same frame, eg: the JR DS168 and Hitec HS5125 share the same case, as do the JR NES341 and Expert SL300.

type 368: DS368, DS368BB*, NES331, NES341, NES351, SL300

type 168: DS168, HS125, HS5125

type 241: NES241, DS281, DS285

type 761: 94761

type 3421: DS3421

type 8411: DS8411, standard case JR servos

type 85: HS85BB/MG

type 225: HS225BB/MG

type 3150: S1350

type 3101: S3101, S3102


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